Computer Tips Everyone Should Know Do’s & Don’ts : Today we will talk about how to care for laptop and computer should you provided by your company.

Computer Tips Everyone Should Know : Do’s & Don'ts
Computer Tips Everyone Should Know


If you do a job or use computers and laptops, then these Computer Tips are very useful for you. Please read it full because These computer tips will definitely work for you.

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This is the most important computer tips A computer i.e. desktop / laptop / notebook / mini laptop provided by the your company is to be used for official work only. Any data residing in your company provided device is the property of the your company.

Create strong passwords that are at least eight characters and including at least a numerical value and a symbol. Example : ABC@1234 

Change your password every Thirty days.
Perform regular backups of important data.

Create a password for any files in order to protect file sharing activities.

Physically secure you terminals.

Close windows containing pop-ups ads or unexpected warnings by clicking on the “X” button in the upper most right hand corner of the window, not by clicking within the window. 

Lock your computers when not in use.

Stay alert and report suspicious activity always to I.T Expert.

Always check your Antivirus protection on your computers.

Computer Tips Everyone Should Know : Do’s & Don'ts
Computer Tips Everyone Should Know

The following Computer Tips are very important to you.



Never write down your password. Especially on a post-It note in your computer.

Never give your password to anyone, whether you know them or not. 

Never select the “Remember my password” Option. Many Applications do not store them securely.

Computer Tips :Saving of files :

  • For desktop users : Always save file in the network drive i.e. G: , H: or in the D drive. Never on the desktop.


  • For laptop users : Always save file in D drive. DO NOT SAVE ANY FILES ON THE DESKTOP DIRECTLY OR IN THE C Drive.
Never purchase anything prompted in a spam message. Even if the offer isn’t a scam. You are only helping to finance and encourage spam.

Please refrain from opening an email attachment, even from someone you know well, unless you are expecting it.

Avoid creating common passwords such as your name, social security, UNI, etc.…..

Do not leave your terminal unattended, even for a few minutes.

Never reply to emails requesting financial or personal information.
Under no circumstances should you install any software on your computer. Always ask the IT expert for the needful.

Don’t plugin personal devices like USB flash drives, MP3 players and smartphones without permission from I.T team.


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