Kepler 62e Facts and Fiction

There is a very intriguing new planet that scientists have not discovered and is labeled as Kepler 62e. Many people ask the question, why does this planet look so familiar to me? Well the answer is that it is a picture of this planet that has been used in the NASA web site for years.

We know that this planet is orbiting around a star that is located inside the Milky Way. So how does Kepler 62e fit into our calculations?

The reason for this is because of how big this planet is. We know that planets larger than about the size of Earth have atmospheres which have more oxygen, so that gives you an idea of the size of this planet. A better idea is that it is not too small, and it has enough atmosphere for it to be close to its star.

The next key consideration is that because it is so close to the star that is it is being influenced by it. That means it is a much closer planet than any of the other recently discovered gas giants orbiting the Sun, like Jupiter, or Neptune, for example.

Another important thing to remember is that we are looking at an extremely faint object which is making all the difference. Astronomers don’t actually have a picture of Kepler 62e because it is in a part of the sky which is fairly dim for such a distant object.

The reason for this is because the light from the star is being blocked by the atmosphere, so most of the light from the planet that we see is coming from the very small amount of light that is being received. This can be a little confusing for those who just want to know how far is Kepler 62e from Earth. Remember, all this information came from this faint object that astronomers used as a guide to how far away Kepler 62e is.

The planet is so small that if you sat in its light and compared it to the Sun’s atmosphere, you would find that the atmosphere is a vast ocean of carbon dioxide with less oxygen. If you kept looking at the same place for long enough you would see what looks like water vapor, but that is due to some clouds that are starting to appear in the lower atmosphere.

Scientists had this new planet in their sights long before we did, and when they were able to watch it they were amazed to see that its star changed at regular intervals, giving them a great view of the planet and the stars surrounding it. One example of this is the fact that the rate of change in brightness of the star’s disk is irregular.

The dimming of the star in the lower atmosphere of Kepler-62e is such a small fraction of the light that is being received that astronomers cannot explain the change in brightness. Only NASA has this information and the scientific community has been trying to figure out what it means.

You see, Kepler 62e is only 4 light-years away from us, which is much closer than some of the recently discovered gas giants. It seems to be that the inner planets are much closer to the Sun, so to see Kepler 62e which is four light-years away is very impressive.

I am sure that people will be taking the images to go online, so check it out yourself. Check out the Kepler 62e Facts Sheet to learn more about this fascinating new planet, which has been very busy with the recent discoveries.

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