7 Science Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

7 Science Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

Well, here are some science facts that you may not know. If you haven’t been too taken by the wonders of science, you probably have seen the movie “Contact” and of course, you know that the time-traveling physicist played by Tom Hanks traveled back in time and gave a lecture at Yale University on the effects of time travel on modern physics. You also know that he delivered the talk using a slightly altered timeline of space-time.

But did you know that there are several other similar presentations you may have heard about? They are all based on very simple ideas. You probably even see them on the television. For example, they may show the same images but they change a few things so that the images seem somewhat different.

In fact, we humans have adapted to this way of thinking to our functioning in our brains. It is part of the survival mechanisms in order to make sure that we can continue to survive.

Most of us can think of a few human mind-blowing facts that make us feel a bit less alone. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of these that we think you may enjoy.

7 Quick Science Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

Alligators can live without sunlight

Alligators can live without sunlight

Alligators can live without sunlight for up to three weeks at a time. Most alligators cannot survive in the coldest part of the United States, such as the Great Lakes. Scientists say that the Alligator Gulch National Wildlife Refuge in Texas, where these alligators were kept, had an unusually high population of these creatures because the cold winters had allowed these creatures to migrate there.

Edmund Halley’s comet

Edmund Halley's comet

Some of the most popular science facts include the search for “Edmund Halley’s comet,” which was mentioned in the 1800s by William Herschel, the astronomer of Cambridge University. It was discovered by a scientist named Joseph Glanvill, who obtained his degree in astronomy in 1817 from the University of Oxford. However, the comet has never been named by either Glanvill or Herschel.

Penicillin killed bacterium and streptococcus

Penicillin killed bacterium and streptococcus

Penicillin was discovered by Dr. John Snow, who worked with the bacterium and was working on treating tuberculosis. At the time, a lab assistant named Alexander Fleming found that penicillin killed both the bacterium and the streptococcus, the bacteria responsible for tuberculosis. This discovery paved the way for many other types of antibiotics, which have been used for hundreds of years to treat a variety of diseases.

Life on Other Planet

Life on Other Planet

Another interesting one in the list of science facts is that the planet Earth is not the only place in the universe. In fact, there are billions of planets that we can see from space. In fact, this gives many scientists hope that life could exist elsewhere in the universe.

Carbon is a primary source of energy in the rest of the universe.

Carbon is a primary source of energy in the rest of the universe

A lot of science facts actually involve explaining things that we don’t understand. Most people understand that water is one of the most important elements of life, but some scientists say that the element carbon is a primary source of energy to the rest of the universe. The world is constantly changing, and it is only by studying the movements and properties of these strange substances that scientists know where they are, and why.

The oxygen we breathe in this world is produced by the ocean.

The oxygen we breathe in this world is produced by the ocean

However, the ocean is now dying out because of pollution. When the oxygen in the ocean is depleted, so is our oxygen supply. The ocean is also responsible for the production of oxygen for human beings to breath. Science facts tell us that if the ocean and earth’s oxygen level were in balance, there would be no problems. There would be no birth defects and no chronic diseases. There would also be no people who have died from too much oxygen.

Animals use Earth’s magnetic field for orientation

Animals use Earth’s magnetic field for orientation

Many animals use Earth’s magnetic field for orientation uses not only the Earth’s magnetic field but the electromagnetic field in the universe. For instance some fish use the earth’s magnetic field for guiding them in their swimming direction when they are moving, there are also a variety of birds that use earth’s magnetic field as a compass, this is similar to how humans use the Earth’s magnetic field for orientation in order to get their bearings while swimming.

When you are in your vehicle on a long drive then you might notice that there is a magnetic north indicator on the dashboard that tells you where you are in relation to the magnetic north pole of the earth. It also will tell you whether or not it is going east or west. Other things you can do with your magnetic compass and earth’s magnetic field for orientation is to determine whether or not you are in a country and also what direction you are moving in when driving north or south in order to reach your destination.

Science Facts is fun and interesting. It’s only when one understands that there are vast numbers of Science Facts. That the same materials or scientific facts can be used for different kinds of purposes. A fact is defined as an original or fundamental truth. The purpose of fact is to help us understand, appreciate and enjoy the complexity of life. We need facts and the more we know the better for us.

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