Stephen Hawking: Our Earth Slowly Moving Towards Destruction?

Is our Earth slowly moving towards destruction? In Stephen Hawking’s last book, he told this strange story and mystery.

Stephen Hawking Our Earth Slowly Moving Towards Destruction

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We have many scientists all over the world who have made a huge contribution in the field of science and technology. They have been exposed to so many mysteries on earth that it was very difficult for the world to know people.

Many of the customs they have followed have changed the world. This has led to the path of continuous human progress. One such scientist was Stephen Hawkings. They have left the world, but we benefit greatly from what we say.

Before his death, he wrote a modern book, ‘Brief Answers to the Big Question‘. This book answers many important questions related to our earth and our lives.

In this, he has made many predictions and made various claims which are written to go further. But for every scientist, Hawkins’ prophecy has a lot of apprehension about the destruction of the Earth.

Stephen has written everything in this book, from the climate change of the earth to the invasion of aliens. And it is said to change habits going forward. Due to his book, the most worrying thing for the people at this time is the destruction of the Earth. Stephen says in this book that disaster in space can destroy the entire planet. Therefore, we should take it seriously.

If we say it from a small area, they think that the place is as quiet, not really as quiet. There are various extreme upheavals on a daily basis.

According to him, cosmic rays have a unique power to destroy any planet instantaneously. Like the big cities of the sky, meteorites are moving at a speed of thousands of kilometers. And if any such power is to face our earth, then our destruction is final.

He says in the book, “Something similar happened on Earth 6.6 million years ago, causing everything on Earth to collapse.” Something similar is going to happen again and will continue to happen. It is not a scientific concept, but it is based on the laws of physics.

Earlier, he revealed:

Stephen had previously made another prediction, stating that a new generation of genetic editing techniques would give birth to Superman. People will be able to achieve a certain quality by doing genetic editing themselves. It may be that they will be able to get some wrong treatment, or they may end up in the family. The new species produced by it will be a species capable of designing itself better. But the stakes can be disastrous for the best people.

He further said that we have to go to other planets as soon as possible:

According to scientist Stephen Hawking, humans may need to go beyond other planets and space to live in this world. He continued, “I believe we will have to leave this earth one day and find a new place.” They assumed this because the natural resources of our planet would soon be reduced for our population.

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