Top 10 Scary Moon Theories

This article has been just updated: December 15th, 2019

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore. One of the best Frank Sinatra tracks ever. But I really think this guy sings it better. That’s one of my favorite things that the internet has ever produced. But that songs is about the moon or love or something. And whats going on up there on the moon, I don’t know that either, Whats the moon made out of, I don’t know man, I make top 10 list I’m not a scientist. But I do know the internet has a lot of conspiracy theories about the moon and that is I’m bringing you with today’s list of top 10 scary moon Theories.

let’s get into this list

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories About The Moon

1. Moon Base

What’s going on up there on the big old moon, is it just rocks and an American flag not blowing in the wind because there’s no wind up there. Or has the American government build a moon base and is doing secret science stuff up there.

Well maybe, There’s a lot of people who believe that the most top-secret research is taking place on the moon. Experiments with alien tech, teleportation devices, Gundam wings. It’s all taking place up there, why would this be true.

Well because it would be the best way to hide the most sensitive devices from the public. Like, imagine there’s some sort of Mega Man blaster in development, if it were on earth, it would need to be in a top-secret facility that could be invaded at any time. But if it was on the moon, you would literally need to take a spaceship to the moon, land it, Then break into the top-secret facility and then make your way back from the moon without destroying what you’ve just stolen.

That’s the real mission impossible. It a moon base would be one of the most secure facilities on the planet, nothing goes in or out without high-level clearance. Not a bad idea.

2. The Moon Eye

With satellite tech, you can pull of insane levels of surveillance. I’m sure if the NSA showed us what they can see through a satellite we would all buy the thickest blinds available. But what if they had a device so powerful it could see your pores for space.

That ladies and gentlemen is the moon eye. It’s the idea that a large portion of the moon has been hollowed out and massive surveillance device has been built into.

This device is the most powerful telescope/microscope hybrid ever built, thought to be the size of a small city and taking the entire crew to operate.

It has massive data storage centers so it can log and keep a record of everything it sees, which is a lot. It has all surveillance capabilities, night vision, thermal, x-ray, probably some sort of vision that we don’t even know about. And the reason we have never seen anything that big is because of it all hidden under a hologram. God, I love making this conspiracy theory list.

3. The moon isn’t real

This is one of the wildest ones I have come across. A lot of people out there, well I don’t know if I would say a lot but they are definitely a loud community. But they think the moon isn’t real, the think the whole thing is a hologram.

While reading these think pieces on the moon being fake I kept asking myself what would be the benefit on the moon not being real, oh and there some interesting answers.

Let’s start with the government is controlling the day-night cycle, when you see the moon, you know its night, except for those weird day moons, Get out of here day moon, you make me feel weird. But back on track If the government-controlled all the clocks and the moon they could control when we think night is and put holograms over the sky to make us think it was night so they could put us into a sleepy alpha state and then brainwash us.

Ok I’m gonna stop this one here, it’s getting out of control

4. Stargate

This is what I want baby, I’m tired of driving places and taking planes, I just want to walk through the portal and be Bali, YAAAAAAAAS. And they might have one of these on the moon, OMG whaaaat. I’m gonna stop that now.

The moon base theory is also connected to this one, they way that humans were able to build a base on the moon without anyone knowing is through a stargate teleportation system. If this theory was true its thought that the American government discovered teleportation technology and your thinking sweet, why didn’t they share this with us.

Well the tech was dangerous and it would destroy the automotive, gas and airplane industry, thus tanking the world economy, so they kept it secret, they moved the tec to the moon, so they could teleport back and forth super easy and then built a moon base.

So if this is true, please bring it to earth so I can teleport right into a Starbucks Yaaaas

5. Moon Aliens

Alright, this one kinda has two parts.

There the idea that there is an alien race living on the moon, inside of it.

That even though the moon has no atmosphere on the outside, on the inside of the moon there is a world lush with live possibly even a very small sun-like energy source giving these moon men life. Other people think there could be a human colony on the moon, and the people born there would be human but also alien because they were born on the moon.

6. The moon landing wasn’t real

This is a pretty mainstream theory about the moon and that is why I’m sliding it in at number 5.

There is some evidence as to why the moon lady could be fake. It would have been very beneficial to the Americans to get to the moon first. The Apollo 11 shuttle that landed on the moon left no crater, there are scenes in the moon landing footage where the America flag looks like its blowing in the wind even though there would be no wind.

Honestly, you pick at this point. Do you believe it or not, Half-life 3 got announced, I really don’t care if the moon landing was real.

7. The moon will crash into us

Sometimes the moon looks big, sometimes it looks small, is it getting closer? I don’t know science stuff. But according to the nerds who know about space and stuff they moon is on a collision course for the earth.

What, the earth and moon are slowly rotating closer and closer together each year. That means one day the moon will crash into the earth like in Majoras mask. I wonder if it will have that creepy face on it like EEEEEEEEEE Pic8

Well all of you at home are alike, well Che when will this happen, I have a family I need to protect! Well, I have some terrifying news for you, The moon is estimated to crash into the earth in 65 billion years. So your gonna be ok.

What will happen is in 6 billion years when the sun runs out of nuclear fuel and become a red dwarf, the moon will slowly start to move towards us and billions of years after that maybe crash into us.

8. The moon will explode

Ok, let’s reach into a hypothetical future, where there are multiple colonies on the moon, those colonies get mad at each other and then the moon wars start.

Somebody nukes the moon, with the biggest moon, nuke anyone has ever nuked and then the moon explodes.

What then happens to all the people on earth.

Well, all the oceans and tides go bonkers, maybe tsunamis and massive amounts of destruction because the moon affects the tides. Also, big fiery rocks would rain down from the sky, into the earth and kill a bunch of people. And this might bring a massive amount of debris covering the earth.

Which would block out the sun and then we would all freeze to death or die from starvation because we have no sunlight to grow food. Also, you would be sad because you’re not getting enough vitamin D.

9. Neil Armstrong is an Alien

We have all seen the meme where you take Neil Armstrong, turn it backward and it spells Alien. If you haven’t seen this then quit your job and start looking at more memes. But the theory is that on that moon colony we talked about earlier on this list. Neil was born there, then brought to earth later as a test to see if someone could make the adjustment from moon man to earth man. And it worked.

The reason he was chosen to take the flight back to the moon is because he was adjusted to the moon’s life and so he could go home to his moon people. And Buzz Aldrin was just a regular dude whose mind was blown by the whole thing.

10. The moon is a Death Star

That’s no moon, It’s a space station. And the Oscar goes to Che Durena. For our number one spot, we have the theory that the moon is actually a massive weapon. It was originally a moon but it was either reconstructed to be a massive energy weapon or a massive energy weapon was built and they then the moon was hurled into deep space and replaced by this world-ending cannon.

What would the purpose of something like this be?

The happier theory is that we have alien enemies and that the death star moon thing was built as protection, which is still scary because if it was true that would mean that aliens are real and trying to kill us.

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