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Vyom Mitra ISRO Robot Mission Which Will Travel To Space

In the field of high technology, we find Vyom Mitra of the Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO). He is a specialist in handling robots and they are his primary profession. Vyom Mitra is a humanoid robot that is developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation and he is capable of executing multiple tasks.

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has shown the first glimpse of humanoid made for the Gaganyaan mission. ISRO chief K. Sivan said that ISRO will launch two robotic missions(Vyom Mitra) in December 2020 and June 2021, in view of the launch of India’s first manned spacecraft “Gaganyaan” in December 2021.

Addressing the inaugural session of “Robotic Spacecraft and Discovery: Current Challenges and Future Events”, Sivan said that the objective of the “Gaganyaan” mission is not only to send India’s first manned spacecraft but also to “sustained space human presence”. A new space center is also to be established for ”.

ISRO will send ‘Vyom Mitra’ into space

Just before the Gaganyaan, ISRO will send ‘Vyommitra‘ into space and study the activities of the human body there. This ‘half humanoid’ (human) robot will send its report to ISRO from space.

ISRO today introduced ‘ Vyom Mitra ‘ to the world and explained its merits.

ISRO scientist Sam Dayal told the media, ” Vyom Mitra will study the activities of a human body in space and send a report to us. We are doing this as a test. ‘

It is being told that ‘ Vyommitra ‘ is a very special robot in itself. It can talk and recognize humans. This robot can mimic the activities performed by astronauts. ‘

Vyom Mitra ISRO Robot Planner

Vyom Mitra ISRO Robot Planner

Vyom Mitra is among the two most important men of Indian Space Agency. He was instrumental in developing the ISRO Robot Mission Planner (MRP) in the early days of the space program.

MRP’s are powerful machines to plan and execute a mission analysis. They may be known as the software planer which is also known as ISRO software which is currently in use by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

Vyom Mitra was one of the pioneers who developed the ISRO Software in the ISRO labs in Bangalore and his mentor was the late Satish Shishirwal who created the famous Rosetta Stone that was used by Indian population to study the language of India. He was given the honorary degree from University of California (USA) and his name in the field of aerospace is mentioned here.

The MRP developed by Vyom Mitra included some of the sophisticated features like simple scripts like alphabetical alphabets and mathematical equations. It was very common in India then, for NASA and US military intelligence agencies to use these’s for their secret missions. The NASA Robots which is known as US3 and US4 was able to solve the space debris problem by simply rolling a device on the ground or in the air.

The machines were developed by the US space agency, which gave them more in depth understanding of the Indian culture than NASA robots with which they have been in constant communication. The NASA technology that was acquired by India has helped the country to build the stealth bombers and recently the Indian Space Shuttle which are both made of the same technology.

The Russian Space Project was also started by Vyom Mitra. He discovered that the material from a meteorite collided with the surface of the moon and the land was melted away and this resulted in the development of the first lunar rover, which was picked up by NASA in 1969.

There is a saying that a thunderbolt does not strike twice when it hits the moon or the earth which is basically true because the Russian Space Project was started by Vyom Mitra. After the discovery of the super-heavy elements like Uranium and Thorium through ISRO’s robot program he was able to analyze the process by which these elements were formed.

He discovered the super heavy elements which are used in making the ISRO Robot. The initial task that he completed was the development of the MRP, which is more effective than the first one created by him.

MRP, was used to take the first samples of these elements after they had formed in the moon and the robot planner was created after the ISRO’s robot spacecraft did not have enough fuel to reach the moon but was forced to land on the moon. The robot planner used this information to land on the moon and the material taken by it was analyzed by the MRP and eventually the design was successfully launched into space.

During his retirement Vyom Mitra discovered that if you took a piece of this meteorite and put it into a piece of Uranium it reacted and the results gave birth to the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator. This was the birth of a new world of technology that was used to power the rockets which provided the propulsion for the two boosters of the space shuttle and the Soviet space program.

There is another problem that has arisen due to the development of the MRP by Vyom Mitra but the Russian Space Project was also born out of his studies and insights of the atmosphere and gravity of the moon and so was the International Space Station, which has a robotic computer built on the software which were made by Vyom Mitra. The robot software used in building the ISRO Robot also gained more knowledge about the use of the new features that were introduced in the spaceship and the space station.

Watch India’s first Half-Humanoid Robot.

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