World’s 9 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

This article has been just updated: January 6th, 2020

There are dozens of conspiracy theories swirling around the internet that you’ve probably never heard of.

We put together this list of 9 of the weirdest. Some of these theories date back decades and have a major, and mostly, unfiltered following. Others are just plain weird and can be fun to play with.

World’s 7 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories: These are some of the conspiracy theories that have many followers.

1. Putin Is a Time Traveler?

World%2527s%2B7%2BMost%2BPopular%2BConspiracy%2BTheories » World's 9 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

Years ago a controversy arose in Russia because photos of Russian soldiers identical to Putin were published. The funny thing is that the photos were from 1920 and 1941. The explanation is that Putin has a kind of face quite common in Russia or is a time traveler.

2. The Day David Bowie Predicted Kenya West.

World%2527s%2B7%2BMost%2BPopular%2BConspiracy%2BTheories1 » World's 9 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

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David Bowie released an album in 1972 with a sign on the cover that reads: “K West” In that year, the singer Kanye West was 5 years old and on the album, there is a song titled: “5 años” and the album was released the day after Kanye’s birthday. Many coincidences.

3. Is Tupac Alive?

World's 7 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

When the picture of this Cuban appeared, the fans went crazy and even speculated that he probably faked his death, since his last albums contained a lot of reference to “Machiavelli”, a character who often faked his death. In the end, it turned out to be a person very similar to the rapper.

4. Celebrities that Freeze in Half an Interview.

World's 7 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

Many celebrities have had very rare moments in full interview, they are acting as normal when suddenly they are frozen as if something had happened. Everyone has their own explanation of what happened, but many believe that they are victims of mind control of the MK-ULRTRA.

5. Does Hitler Live in Brazil?

World's 7 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

History tells us that Hitler died in a bunker in Germany in World War II, but there is a whole Brazilian population that claims that Hitler lived his last days in his town. There are photographs that show the supposed Hitler in a relationship with a black citizen.

6. Is Walt Disney’s Body Frozen?

World's 7 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

There is a theory that claims that Walt Disney’s body is cryogenic until someday science advances so much that it can bring it back. This theory bothered Disney so much that it is rumored that they made the movie “Frozen” so that in the internet search results the film appears instead of this crazy theory.

7. Who Hit These Millionaires in The Eye?

World's 7 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

In 2013 celebrities such as George Bush, Prince Felipe and even Pope Francisco appeared with bruises on their eyes. Everyone has their accidental reason, although there are many people who believe that everything was part of a ritual in some secret society.

8. The Bermuda Triangle

Researchers have suggested that the Bermuda Triangle is a four-dimensional oceanic structure consisting of a giant ring of gyres, and this idea is supported by a myriad of well-funded studies. The most popular of these is the Nautical Almanac, which says that the triangle is a circular island of 3,000 islands surrounding the Great Belt and Inner Trough. It adds that the Bermuda Triangle is about 2,500 miles off the coast of North America.

9. Ghost ships

If you’ve ever sailed, perhaps you’ve heard of ghost ships. Ghost ships are small air vessels that may appear suddenly to disappear and reappear without warning. Sometimes they appear to be anchored or moored to an island or another vessel. Other times they are positioned at a distance from the nearest shore and appear to drift in the water or drift off the shore. Many ghost ships are reported to be traveling in ocean currents, sometimes coming out of nowhere. This phenomenon is called river rafting.

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