Dell XPS 13 Review

Dell XPS 13 Review

Essentially, you won’t need to be concerned about the XPS 13 dying on you during a standard workday. On the flip side, the Dell XPS 13 laptop is beautiful and has a very long battery life. The bigger XPS 15 offers dedicated graphics, but you will have to give up a little portability if you go that route.

The XPS 13 is a laptop I’d like to use all of the moment. The XPS 13 comes standard with the most recent Intel Broadwell processor, an extremely low-power chipset that’s built for balance between power and very low wattage. The XPS 13 got all of the critical basics right. On the flip side, if you intend on using your XPS for intense design work, or entertainment, you might prefer the greater resolution.

Dell XPS 13 (2020) Review

Dell XPS 13 (2020) Review

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The Dell XPS 13 is still the very best 13-inch laptop it’s possible to buy. The Dell XPS 13 is the greatest Windows 10 laptop regarding overall price and looks. The Dell XPS 13 2015 update addresses quite a few of our complaints about Windows notebooks throughout the last several decades.

If you are able to look past the strange camera placement, it simply could be the very best laptop you can purchase today, a sentiment that’s echoed from the other side of the net. There’s additionally a small Kensington Lock option to affix the notebook.

Today with this much advancement around us, individuals wish to make the very best use of what is offered on the market. Still, you would like to squeeze every last drop from the battery, therefore we ran more tests to discover the battery settings that are likely to make your XPS 13 last the longest on a single charge.

Dell XPS 13 Best Laptop to Buy in 2020

If you intend to work on the go, you should make sure your battery will last long enough to complete the project. To acquire the faster generation two support demands the usage of an external USB controller. So you should switch that. So supposedly, if you obey the actions you’ll be alright. Not at all, but it’s mesmerizing. There are 3 things to do. It’s tough to win against the look of Dell’s InfinityEdge display.

The system is also a lot slimmer and probably looks better in person. However, it’s a compact design, especially when looking at it next to other 13-inch tablets and competitors like the 10-inch Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga.

On the inside, though, Dell sticks with a Core i5-3317U processor (this matches Intel’s 935 chipsets). That will be good for most tasks with slightly fewer overall performance than you’ll find in the Dell XPS 13.

I’ll give you a few examples: web browsing, multi-tasking, and video playback. With Web browsing and a few other common tasks, the XPS 13 averaged 834-90dpg. With games, the score is skewed low; some of those titles provided 13 fps as their maximum frame rate, so I wouldn’t recommend these numbers unless you’re looking to game in the XPS 13.


Overall, though, it’s another “what could’ve been” product. The Dell XPS 13 with “best in class” i5 CPU, not only offers the most premium specification in this price range but also a nearly flawless, butter-smooth display that really demonstrates how much of a difference better GPU and memory can make. You’re basically getting three Windows 8 tablets in one.

The XPS 13 is our Editors’ Choice.

Dell XPS 13 Laptop Specification

SeriesXPS 13
Item Height12 Millimeters
Item Width30.2 Centimeters
Screen Size13.3 Inches
Maximum Display Resolution2560 x 1440 (Quad HD)
Item Weight1.21 Kg
Product Dimensions19.9 x 30.2 x 1.2 cm
Item model numberXPS 13 9360
Processor BrandIntel
Processor TypeCore i7
Processor Speed1.80 GHz
RAM Size8 GB
Memory TechnologyDDR4
Hard Drive Size256 GB SSD
Hard Disk TechnologyFlash Memory Solid State
Speaker DescriptionMaxxAudio
Graphics CoprocessorIntegrated Graphics
Graphics Card DescriptionIntegrated
Graphics Card Ram Size8 GB
Number of Audio-out Ports1
Operating SystemWindows 10
Lithium Battery Energy52 Watt-Hours

Overall Performance 8.1 out of 10

Is Dell XPS 13 a good laptop?

Is Dell XPS 13 a good laptop

Screen and Speakers

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The 13-inch XPS 13 is a great Ultrabook with a gorgeous 3,200 x 1,800 QHD (3,840 x 2,160) IPS touchscreen that offers vibrant colors and vivid images. After poring over countless reviews and measurement data I can say the best thing about the touchscreen is it has a responsive feel.

That means you can swipe, pinch, and flip it without having to be forewarned what your fingers will see. The screen refreshes quickly, though there are a few instances where it takes several seconds. The touchscreen is very responsive and very thin and light. I use the “Scroll Trackpad” function which makes it easy to swipe to navigate through your frequently used apps and settings.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard and touchpad are soft touch on the back and can be registered and programmable.

As you move the cursor through the keys, the keys respond to your touch to accommodate any and all hand styles. This keyboard also has one of the best trackpad experiences I’ve seen in an Ultrabook.

The keyboard is also backlit to conserve power (or at least to illuminate those last few keys for the amazing Touch bar) and has the most convenient and ergonomic multi-finger (in both directions) operation of any laptop keyboard I’ve used in a long time.

Should I buy an XPS 13?

Should I buy an XPS 13

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At this time, the only other laptop that comes close to the XPS 13’s performance in many areas is the Dell XPS 15, although not by quite as much. With both laptops having 1440p displays, the 1080p display on the XPS 13 is a considerably better experience, especially when using traditional desktop applications.

The main difference between these two laptops is the Dell XPS 13 is about 25% lighter than the XPS 13 and while the XPS 13 is much thinner than its predecessor, the XPS 13 still has a full-size keyboard and is still available with one of the more attractive displays available, unlike the XPS 13 which now only has an IPS panel.


We installed x264 encoder and ran through the most demanding benchmarks available, including the Basemark X 10 workload.

“Awesome! I love my XPS 13 and couldn’t wait to play Deus Ex.”

As can be seen, the laptop provides in pretty impressive results. It can operate with nearly maxed out settings (which to be honest is pretty impressive for a desktop), and provides an insane video quality. Just above 40fps in Watch Dogs 2 at the max settings we saw, and when I played through the Heavy Rain benchmark at around 19fps.

This means the new Intel CPU inside XPS 13 is almost as good as, or better than, AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs. Performance seems the main focus of a modern-day laptop.

All told, Dell’s XPS 13 delivers a great balance of performance, battery life, and all-around quality, while also managing to do so without violating your privacy. I’ve used this device in Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, and Chrome OS. In nearly all cases, I’ve been satisfied with its performance, battery life, and appearance.

I like that it’s a sleek-looking device with a noticeable amount of premium quality materials, and I appreciate that it’s a well designed and functional computer that can run all of my favorite software. As an example, on Ubuntu and Windows, I’ve had no trouble streaming 4K content from Netflix, Spotify, and Youtube.

The only problem I have is with the screen, which is large, but it’s definitely a good pixel density to ensure legibility at small sizes. On my XPS 13, I can read the UWP title text and headings, as well as buttons, without a hint of pixelation.


XPS 13 is a wonderful laptop. The new Intel Haswell processor and AMD Ryzen 7 part make it pretty fast, something you won’t find on any other laptop of this class. There’s a 16GB solid-state drive as well. It’s not overkill and does handle my entire digital photography and editing setup.

The Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M graphics are perfectly fine for my needs, despite the XPS 13’s 1080p screen. The fact that it’s less expensive than the MSI GS63VR I used to have and it runs Windows 10 makes me wish I was running it. But Windows 10 is a bit of a pain to get going with.

Good luck.

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