Yono SBI App: Now withdraw cash without a card

    The banking concern of the Asian nation has launched the YONO SBI app money service for its customers which can enable them to withdraw money from ATMs while not their debit cards. Means now withdraw cash from SBI ATMs without a card

    A part of SBI’s digital banking platform, you simply want One Yono SBI app, the cardless money withdrawal service is offered across 16,500 ATMs of the bank within the country.

    Such SBI ATMs will be called YONO Cash Point.

    ATM transaction without an ATM card- sounds unreal, right?   Well, turns out that State Bank of India (SBI) has come up with a similar plan.   The largest bank in the country now allows its customers to withdraw cash from its ATMs without their cards.   The service is being offered through its Internet banking Yono app.   Here’s all you need to know about it.

    About the YONO app 

    Yono sbi app-Now withdraw cash from SBI ATMs without card


    Yono SBI app (short for You Only Need One) is SBI’s official Internet banking app. The app is available for download on Android as well as iOS platforms. With the launch of the new service, SBI has become the first Indian bank to allow cardless ATM transactions.

    How to withdraw cash from SBI ATMs using Yono SBI app

    • Procedure to start using the service, firstly download the Yono SBI mobile app on your smartphone.
    • Log in to your Internet banking account using the app.
    • Place a cash withdrawal request in the app.
    • Correspondingly, a 6-digit code will be sent on your registered mobile number. Use this code at the ATM machine to make the withdrawal.
    • Finally, a cash-withdrawal SMS alert will be sent to you.

    Key things to know about the service

    One must have Internet banking activated on their SBI bank account in order to use the service.

    The 6-digit code used for the transaction is valid for only 30 minutes. The service is available only at SBI ATM outlets and Yono cashpoints.  

    Yono sbi app-Now withdraw cash from SBI ATMs without card

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    Benefits of cardless ATM transactions

    The cardless ATM service from SBI can help address the rising issue of bank frauds due to theft or loss of ATM cards. In addition, This new service is expected to curb ATM card skimming and cloning frauds.

    Yono app is the one-stop online-banking solution for SBI account holders


    Using the app, one can check their balance, create a fixed-deposit, add a beneficiary, etc.   The app also offers a personalized and comprehensive overview of the user’s expenditure.

    You can also request checkbooks, ATM/Debit cards, or change ATM pin using the app.   Emergency services such as blocking of lost/stolen card and cheque termination are also available.   Further, SBI users can enjoy exclusive discount offers.

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